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Application for the installation of water meters

The interested party should contact the water supply company according to the area where the meter is to be installed.

The water supply company where the application has been made will then send all the relevant information, together with the application, to the Town Hall so that they can grant the corresponding authorization.

The department of Urban Services will revise all the information presented and then subsequently, if action is taken, will approve by decree of the Mayor's Office. Finally, the decision will be advised to the interested party and also to the water supplier

handling costs:
See the regulating Bylaw for the presentation of the service of water supply by means of the domestic network.

Documents to present:
To apply for permanent meters:

1. ID

2. Certificate of fitness for occupation

3. Certificate of building completion issued by the Town Hall.

4. Bulletin of the installer, signed by the Ministry of Industry.

5. Property Deeds.

6. Authorizacion of the owner, in case of rental property.

7. Opening Permit in case of commercial premises.

8.- Bank details in case of direct debit.

9. Situation Plan (3 copies)

* If prior to 01/03/1987, you must provide a certificate of antiquity issued by the Town Hall.

* 2 copies are needed of all the documents and 3 copies of the plans.

To apply for a meter for construction work:

1. ID

2. Fotocopy of the building permit issued by the Town Hall.

3. Property Deeds

4. Bank details (in case of direct debit).

5. Situation plan (3 copies).

* 2 copies are needed of all the documents and 3 copies of the plans

* The licence period for the meter is valid until the end of the construction work or the deferred date where applicable.

To apply for a name change of the meter:

1. Fotocopy of the identity of the new owner: ID card, passport, NIE, CIF company.

2. Fotocopy of proof of payment by either the last bank receipt or the receipt issued by the municipal collecting office. (The payment advice is not valid as it doesn't prove payment).

3. Fotocopy of the deeds where it describes the change of the proprietor of the property.

4. Your bank details if you wish to pay the bimonthly water receipts by direct debit.

5. Pay the corresponding amounts for the change of name:

*If the holder (or the new holder) of the property is a community of proprietors, you should also present:

1. Book of Acts where the setting up is described. (fotocopy).

2. CIF (fotocopy).

3. DNI of the Administrator (fotocopy).

* If the holder (or new holder) is a society, you should also present:

1. Deed of setting up the society.

2. Deed where it describes the nameing of the Administrator of the Society (fotocopy).

3. CIF of the company (fotocopy).

* In the case that it isn't the title holder who applies or changes the name, you should also provide (apart from the documents previously mentioned):

1. Power of attorney.

2. Fotocopy of the ID of the interested party.

Applicable byelaw:
Regulating bylaw governing the service of water supply by means of the domestic network..