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Application for connection to the drains network

Apply for connection to the drains network

The procedure starts with the application by the interested party or his representative to the Department of Urban Services, enclosing all the necessary documents

The Department of Urban Services will give all the information to the service technicians of Calvià 2000, so that they can report on the suitability of the connection. If the report is favourable, the connection is authorized by decree of the Mayor's office and finally the interested party is advised.

handling costs:
See the regulating bylaw of the charge for receiving the drains service.

Documents to present:
1. Fotocopy of the last water bill receipt.

2.- Fotocopy of current building permit.

3. Certificate of completion of construction work issed by the Town Hall.

4. Certificate of fitness for habitation.

5. Plan of the situation.

6. Power of attorney if the applicant is not the proprietor.

If the building is prior to 1/03/1987, a certificate of perpetuity issued by the Town Hall, which substitutes the certificate of completion of construction work. If the current building licence is presented, you don't have to present the completion of construction work certificate nor the fitness for habitation certificate.

Applicable byelaw:
Regulating bylaw of the charge for receiving the drains service