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Apply for a discount on the service of collecting and disposal of rubbish (private households )

Apply for the discount according to the Regulating Bylaw for the service of collection and disposal of rubbish.

Article 5.2 of the by-law:

- Receive a discount of 50% of the amount of the Fee. the contribuents who have the condition of head of the family and are pensioners or disabled ( considering as disabled those people who have the legal condition on a grade that is 33 %, or more, as stated in the scale of the additional disposition of the Law 26/1990, of 20 December, and the income of the family unit is inferior to the minimum wage (SMI), in accordance with the following scale:

Family Unit of:

- 6 members without exceeding 3 times the SMI

- 5 members without exceeding 2,5 times the SMI

- 4 members without exceeding 2 times the SMI

- 3 members without exceeding 1,5 times the SMI

- 2 members without exceeding the SMI

It is initiated at the request of the interested party or their representative, presenting the relevant documents in the Service of Tax Collection.

Documents to present:
- Specific form duly completed.

- In the case of representation, an authorization or power that proves the condition.

- Copia de la declaración del IRPF de la unidad familiar del año anterior al de la solicitud de la bonificación.

- En su defecto, certificado de ingresos anuales de la unidad familiar correpondientes al año de la solicitud de la bonificación.

Applicable byelaw:
Law of Common Administrative Procedures. (30/1992)

Regulating bylaw of the fee for the service of collection and disposal of rubbish..