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We want the new times, the renovation and the change of the political sign of the Town Hall to be clearly perceptible for the citizens. And this web page has to be an exponent and a sample, a useful tool to make real the communication with the citizens and the transparency, axes of our electoral programme.

We have new ways to go to achieve our landmarks, very clear objectives for the improvement of tourism, the environment and the quality of life for the citizens, and we make ours the well-known verse of Antonio Machado : «se hace camino al andar», con cada paso. (“the way is made by walking” with each step). We do not want the citizens to adopt only a passive, expectant attitude limited to wait and see if their problems are solved or not, or even they are recognized to start with.


Therefore, I do not want these first presentation words of the Town Hall's new phase to be only a statement, but also an invitation to the participation and the review, to make the journey with us.

This web page is under a renovation process since the first moment of the establishment of the new Town Hall. It has to be a useful tool for the citizens to observe the institution's day to day work and thus form their own opinion, with all the guarantees that they will be heard.

It also has to be a window to the world, to potential tourists or travellers who want to visit us. And this requires not only an improvement of the tourist infrastructures, but also the respect for the environment and the cultural heritage, our signs of identity.

Transparency, participation and a new tourist perspective have in common that they are only achievable if we start from the reality and the truth. Therefore our foresight to the municipality will always be a thorough observation of all what really concerns to the citizens, not a quick and sectorial view. After, all the decisions will be explained in a clearly, intelligible way, with no frills or subterfuge. We want the citizens to find a friendly and welcoming place when accessing to the new web, which speaks their language and listens to their words, a clean and bright space without any dark corners. 

Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, Mayor of Calvià.