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The 'Hazte Oir' plane has been reported

Thursday, 24th August 2017

The 'Hazte Oir'  plane has been reported


The Local Police of Calvià has reported the plane that has flown over the municipality because there is no record that it has permission for dynamic publicity. The 'Hazte Oir' small plane has flown over the municipality of Calvià around 12:25 h, flying over municipal buildings with wide and circular trajectories. According to the municipal bylaw, this is a case of dynamic mobile message advertising. In the case of advertising with aircrafts, it is necessary to have a license, advertising can not be audible and, if granted, it is subject to the schedule determined by Mayor's Office decision.
The Community Division of the Local Police of Calvià will send the report to the Sanctions and Offenses Department of the Town Hall to carry out the relevant administrative procedures, and will contact AENA to get information on the company and pilot of the small plane.