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I Municipal Gender Equality Plan of Calvią


Tuesday 2nd April 2019


The document, approved in the municipal Plenary, contemplates, from 5 spheres of action, the execution of 22 strategic lines

The municipality of Calvià has the 1st Municipal Gender Equality Plan, after its approval in Plenary, which has been drawn up with the involvement of all the municipal departments and with the contributions of the different municipal groups and the citizens.

The Plan, which covers a period of 2 years (2019-2021), is divided into 5 areas of action:

Coeducation; social protection and the labour market; free time and life quality; urbanism, mobility and the environment, and sexist violence. Each of these axes establishes strategic lines with the objectives and actions that will be carried out. In total there are 22 strategic lines, 66 objectives and 155 actions.

Considered amongst the objectives and planned actions are, for example: training and prevention actions aimed at the educational community to educate on the non-sexist use of social networks and video games; incorporation of social equality clauses in public contracts with the Town Hall; training workshops on equality and sport for sports clubs; the incorporation of the gender perspective in the design and urban planning, or increase sexist violence prevention activities in the schools of the municipality and in the youth centres.

The I Municipal Plan for Gender Equality in Calvià is aimed at the entire municipality of Calvià and is designed to respond to all obstacles that arise in any area of society, with the aim of carrying out a policy of equality of opportunities in the municipality from the perspective of a social transformation on attitudes and values. For this, the document contemplates the elaboration of transversal equality policies in the different municipal areas and the collaboration of other institutions and social entities.

The Plan can be checked here