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Campaign to avoid dirt in Magaluf


Wednesday 12th June 2019


These fast food establishments are responsible for cleaning the space adjoining their exterior facade and surroundings

The terraced premises are also informed on the obligation to not throw their waste or dirty water on the public road when they clean their enclosures

Calvià 2000 and the Local police undertake a campaign to avoid the dirt produced by the 'takeaway' customers in Magaluf, since these fast food establishments, which abound especially in Punta Ballena and work almost 24 hours a day, are responsible for the cleaning tasks in the area of influence close to their activity.

Every day in early morning, there is a large accumulation of plastic waste (glasses, straws, plates, wrappers) and organic waste (leftovers, grease, vomit, rubbish bag liquids, amongst others), which forces the public cleaning company to assign a team of more than 20 workers daily to the streets of Punta Ballena, Martí Ros and an adjacent street. In summer, 500 kg of waste are collected every day from the ground.

The municipal regulations, and specifically the decree approved last 11th April on the development of the municipal ordinance for the collection of municipal waste and cleaning of public spaces, understands by "area of influence" of the takeaway customers, the area comprised in a 50 metre-radius around the establishment, from its access doors.These premises are responsible for cleaning the public spaces that adjoin their exterior façade and surroundings.

Cleaning of the interior and terraces

Managers of fixed establishments that serve food with wraps and beverages, such as fast food restaurants, bars, cafés, etc., must also take measures to reduce the production of waste and its abandonment in public roads and spaces. Likewise, they are urged to promote civic awareness measures to avoid the inappropriate abandonment of the waste that is generated.

In addition to this decree, leisure and terraced premises have been informed on the prohibition, contained in the aforementioned ordinance, of depositing waste and dirty water from indoor and outdoor cleaning on public roads.

Sanctioning action

Both the Local Police and Calvià 2000 have been carrying out information tasks, so the actions that will follow the informative will be the sanctioning ones. In this regard, it should be recalled that the abandonment or uncontrolled dumping of any type of waste can be considered as an infringement, with penalties ranging from 300 to 9,000 euros.