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Calvią 2000: New cleaning-disinfection routes


Saturday 18th April 2020 

Calvià creates 10 new work routes for cleaning and disinfecting the most sensitive points in the municipality due to Covid-19

The municipal company Calvià 2000 has intensified the disinfection and cleaning of the most frequented and sensitive places in the municipality since the start of the state of alarm.

Thus, in addition to the usual cleaning that is carried out throughout the municipality, 8 special cleaning routes have been created that are carried out 7 days a week, and 2 special cleaning routes with a frequency of 5 days a week, reaching a special cleaning and disinfection of all the points that are considered most sensitive, in these circumstances, of the entire municipal area, such as exteriors of health centres, supermarkets, chemists, etc. These tasks also involve cleaning and disinfecting containers and rubbish bins.

To carry out these cleaning works, a reorganisation of the personnel has been carried out, which has meant adding nine more teams to these cleaning brigades.