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Campaign to boost Calvią's Trade


Tuesday 29th September 2020 


Calvià's trade, raised to the maximum power (El comercio de Calvià elevado a la máxima potencia) , makes a Marketplace available to establishments and a voucher system for residents, thus entailing at least a minimum economic impact of 275.000 euros for the adhered businesses 

The Trade campaign 'El comercio de Calvià elevado a la máxima potencia' is launched with the aim of revitalising local commerce and encouraging local consumption in the municipality. An identifying image has been created for the campaign, which will be the link between all the elements that are part of the campaign. The total municipal budget for this initiative is 180.000 euros.

The campaign 'El comercio de Calvià elevado a la máxima potencia'  has two areas of action: a Marketplace platform, to which commercial establishments, restaurants and services can join, and the issuance of discount vouchers for residents that can be exchanged in certain type of establishments. So far, more than 230 establishments have already joined. The Mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, who has presented the campaign together with the Deputy Mayor and the Councilwoman for Commerce, Marc López and Francisca Muñoz, stressed that it is important to be able to present a campaign at a difficult time, especially for the entire tourism sector value chain. 

A campaign he explained, with which it is intended, on the one hand, to stimulate commercial activity, through the platform in which shops, services and restaurants can be displayed online, and on the other hand to encourage consumption with the voucher system for residents, a system that may have a direct impact on establishments of at least 275.000 euros.

For his part, Marc López has indicated that so far the campaign is having a good reception, since more than 230 establishments have already joined. He added that offering businesses an online showcase will give them more competitiveness as they will have more visibility.


A Marketplace platform (Comercio.calvia.com) is made available to establishments, a virtual showcase in which shops, restaurants and places that offer services such as hairdressers, beauty saloons , repair shops, etc., can display their products and offers. This platform is adapted so that it can also be run on mobile devices. Each store will have its own website section, which will be managed by the establishment itself, with the possibility of customising its appearance. Customers, on their behalf, will have the option of reserving the products that they will be able to purchase later in stores. A map of stores and discount vouchers will be accesible for residents through this page.
In order to encourage local consumption in the municipality, Calvià Town Hall makes 12.500 discount vouchers available to residents of the municipality, worth 20 euros each voucher, which can be exchanged at any of the establishments to admit them. The client will only have to pay 10 euros, which will be acquired on the website by POS system payment, and the remaining 10 will be provided by the Town Hall, for which it makes an investment of 125.000 euros. 
Calvià residents, over 16 years old, will be able to access these discount vouchers and up to 2 vouchers may be requested per ID. In addition, the Town Hall will allocate another 2.500 vouchers to be managed by Social Services. In this case, the vouchers will be for a value of 10 euros that the council will contribute, at a hundred percent.
To promote 'El comercio de Calvià elevado a la máxima potencia' campaign, an identifying image has been designed that will be disseminated in various ways: 10.000 bags will be distributed in the establishments, 150 banners will be placed at the entrances of the different areas, 8.300 face masks will be distributed, informative flyers will be published and an advertising campaign will be carried out on Opis (advertisement sites), the media and social media.   
Audiovisual means will also be included: a central one to support local commerce that will be located in the Marketplace, and videos recorded by merchants that will be posted on the Youtube Channel of the Town Hall so that they can be linked on the Marketplace pages of each establishment and on their Social Networks.
  The mayor of Calvià has recalled that the trade campaign is one of the measures envisaged in the agreements of the Municipal social, economic and environmental Recovery Plan of Calvià, signed by all municipal political groups, hotel associations, trade unions and trade, restaurant and leisure associations. A plan that includes almost thirty economic and fiscal reactivation social measures, amounting to almost 9 million euros and which compliance is practically at hundred percent.
These agreements include other measures to support Commerce: 100.000 euros in aids for the modernisation of local commerce, with the novelty this year of aids to adapt to digital commerce and to adapt to Covid regulations; 100% discount on the occupancy of the public road for terraces' rate; the extension of terraces' surface; or the recalculation of the waste collection service rate to 50% for the productive sector, which has a direct impact on commerce and restaurants. 

Mayor's statements

Deputy Mayor for Commerce's statements