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II Communication Conference in Calvią


 Wednesday 14th November 2018


The Casal de Peguera in Calvià has hosted the II Conference on Communication from Public Administrations, which has had the intervention of expert professionals in communication, public administration, social networks and data analysis.

The conference was held on 12th and 13th November and was inaugurated by the TVE journalist and member of the Equality Observatory of RTVE, Montserrat Boix, who offered the conference Los medios de comunicación públicos ante el reto del feminismo (The public media before the challenge of feminism). Throughout the two days, presentations, simultaneous discussion sessions, debates and co-creation workshops were held, as well as practical cases of communication success from public administrations, such as the transmedia content of the UIB or the Infojove job pool service. There were interventions and presentations by: Patrícia Plaja, coordinator of the Mossos d'Esquadra communication department; Sergio Jiménez, web analyst specialist in eGovern; Antonio Fernández Coca, vice-chancellor of Digital Campus and Transmedia of the UIB; Maria Ferrer, director of the Diario de Mallorca; Tomás Andújar, journalist of the Agencia Efe and member of the Sindicat de Periodistes de les Illes Balears; Luís Miguel Díaz-Meco, responsible for Local administration communication, consultant, teacher and blogger; Juan Abarca, responsible for communication at the Institut Calvianer de l'Esport (Calvià Sports Institute); Laura Duran, account manager and specialist in content creation and online marketing in Gestión Ocho; David Álvarez, analyst and consultant in Social Media and specialist in audience segmentation in social networks; Eli Vivas, expert in data journalism; Albert Sáez, journalist, consultant in Digital Transformers and university professor; Cistina Moreno, co-director of the Goteo Foundation; Esteban Romero Frías, director of Medialab UGR-Culture and Digital Society Research Laboratory, University of Granada; Jordi Graells, general director of Citizen Attention of the Generalitat de Catalunya; Yolanda Serrano, responsible for Institutional Relations of the UIB; Álvaro Gil, general director of Communication of the Government of the Balearic Islands, and Eva Nigorra, of Infojove.

Ràdio Calvià broadcasted its programming live from the Casal de Peguera and the Ib3 Ràdio 'Connexió local' programme, with the participation of the local public radio stations of the Balearic Islands, closed the conference.

Inauguration by the mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez                                Montserrat Boix

Patrícia Plaja                                                                                                 Sergio Jiménez

Patrícia Plaja and Luís Miguel Díaz-Meco                                             Antonio Fernández Coca

Jordi Graells                                                                                                  Albert Sáez

M. Boix, Encarna Hernández, T. Andújar and M. Ferrer                    D. Álvarez, Débora Quiroga, S. Jiménez and Eli Vivas

L. Durán, Díaz-Meco, J. Abarca and Beatriz Martínez                      C. Moreno, E. Romero, A. Sáez and Mercedes Díaz

Y. Serrano and A. Gil                                                                                     Closing by the councillor Andreu Serra

 Ib3 Ràdio 'Connexió local'  programme                                              The cartoonist Pernan Goñi