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Organic collection rises 10% in 2019


Monday 20th January 2020


-Calvià 2000 collected 55,043 tons of waste in 2019, 1.7% less than the previous year.

-The weight of containers disposed increases by 20%.

The total weight of the waste collected by Calvià 2000 throughout the year 2019 has fallen by 1.7% compared to the previous year, reaching 55,043 tons. In the set of waste collected in Calvià by the public company throughout the past year, it is to be highlighted the decrease in waste by 3% and the increase in the selective waste (glass, cardboard, containers and organic) in the same proportion. This last collection has increased its participation in the total of the municipal waste, from 20.7 to 21.7%.

In this rise of selective collection, the organic fraction has played an important role, which has increased significantly, up to 10% more than the previous year (this fraction is collected in the hotels of the municipality). On the other hand, the weight of the collection of light containers has increased 20% over 2018. In this fraction, the differentiated collection on beaches stands out, which has almost quadrupled its volume, due to the fact that selective collection points have been installed in the totality of beaches of the municipality.

On the other hand, glass (+ 4%) and cardboard (+ 2%) have also increased, as can be seen from the last production report of the Environmental Maintenance Department of Calvià 2000, municipal company responsible for waste collection, road cleaning and water sanitation.

More than 600 hours of environmental awareness

The president of Calvià 2000, Marcos Pecos, has positively assessed the trend in the production of waste in Calvià, although he has affirmed that “we must continue on the path of generating less waste and increasing recycling in our municipality”. For this, and given that the population's awareness is a fundamental factor in the prevention of waste, awareness campaigns will continue, amongst other activities provided in the Waste Management and Prevention Plan of Calvià.

Since the end of 2018, the environmental information marquee of Calvià 2000, in which the aforementioned Plan is explained, has visited the municipal markets of the municipality, the neighbourhood associations summer parties and different sporting, popular and cultural events.

In addition, talks in educational centres, composting workshops, and a video contest between students of the municipality on "The wipes monster" have been given, sometimes together with the Town Hall's Department of Environment and the IMEB. In total, more than 600 hours of public awareness in Calvià.

Finally, in agreement with the organisation of the Mallorca Life Festival, during the last two summers, Cruz Roja has carried out 5 environmental actions on the Calvià coastline, on posidonia and the waste that threatens the environment.