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The Plenary Session approves Covid-19 measures

Tuesday, 21st April 2020

Extraordinary Plenary Session: approval of a first package of economic and social measures to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 health crisis

The Plenary Session of the Calvià Town Hall unanimously approved a first package of measures to alleviate the economic and social situation derived from the Covid-19 health crisis, which implies an impact of around 900,000 euros on the municipal accounts, without taking into account the economic rebalances that are having to be made, for example, for all licenses that are an income source for the accounts of the Town Hall.
In total, a first package of 10 measures has been approved, with the support of all the municipal groups (PSOE, Podem-Més, PP, Vox and Ciudadanos).
1. Incorporation of 20% of the budget surplus into social policy expenditures due to the Covid-19 effects.
2. Prolongation of winter hours regarding building works (provided for in the Noise Ordinance), which will allow economic activity and jobs to be maintained until the tourist season is activated.
3. New, longer and more flexible tax calendar that will mean delaying and extending the term of the voluntary payment of taxes (from 1st July to 15th November).
4. Further facilitate payment fractionation, on an exceptional basis.
5. Refund for the nurseries fees, compensating the two weeks of March in which they remained closed, and without charging the months without activity, and offering two months for free to families who have been affected by a loss of income due to the coronavirus, or have had problems in hiring, when the activity resumes.
6. Bars and restaurants street occupation for tables and chairs tax refund of the rate corresponding to the entire year 2020.
7. Municipal markets stalls tax refund for those that have not been able to carry out the activity.
8. Suspension of the O.R.A. parking system during the validity of the state of alarm (it usually started on 1st April).
9. Subscriptions for using sports facilities compensation.
10. Cultural centre activities season tickets compensation.

The Plenary Session began with a minute’s silence in memory of the people who have died due to Coronavirus. A message of encouragement has also been sent to sick people and to thank to Calvià citizens who responsibly maintain the state of alarm and to all those people, groups and professionals who are at the front line of action and supporting the services necessary for citizens.