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Calvią Tourism Forum meeting


Thursday 1st December 2022


A very positive assessment of 2022 is given and the need to extend the season is emphasised

The implementation of the Excess Decree Law has been considered as a very useful tool for improving the Magaluf resort

The Calvià Tourism Forum met this noon to take stock of the season and analyse the prospects for 2023. A good season, even excellent, said mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, taking into account the complexity of the two previous years, because of the pandemic. An assessment that he has verified with some data such as that, compared to 2019, the arrival of tourists and the diversification of nationalities have improved; or that there has been positive data in terms of marketing and average spending per tourist. Data, he has emphasised, that has resulted in an improvement in unemployment data and Social Security affiliations.

Having seen the data, it has been verified the need to continue working to extend the season, with sports, nature and cultural products, which allow reaching 9 months of activity in the municipality.

Looking ahead to 2023, the director general of Tourism and Coastline, Xavier Pascuet, has indicated that in the case of the British market, tour operators are already putting the 2023-2024 season on sale, and that, as of 16th December, they anticipate an increase in demand outside of vacation packages. Likewise, he has highlighted the importance of offering the sports product in the British market, as was done in the last World Travel Market as a strategic axis of mid- and low-season activity.

On the other hand, the image of Calvià's resorts in the issuing markets has been analysed, confirming that the perception as safe destinations increases and improves.

One of the aspects that has been put on the table has been the implementation of the Decree Law on Excesses, which has been valued as a very useful tool, which has had a rapid effect. Alfonso Rodríguez Badal recalled that since 1st July, after requesting it, Calvià Town Hall has the powers to initiate proceedings, thus allowing to react quickly to infringements.

In this sense, the deputy mayor of Police, Nati Francés, has exposed the data of the files processed since 1st July, exclusively regarding the Excess Tourism Decree, which has led to the opening of 34 disciplinary files, of which 11 have derived in precautionary measures, with the closure of establishments, for very serious infractions: 8 for selling alcoholic beverages in commercial establishments outside the permitted hours; 2 for demeaning practices against women, and 1 for having self-dispensing alcoholic beverages without control personnel. Of the 11 precautionary measures, 7 have already been lifted as the fines have been paid. The rest of the proceedings have been initiated for serious infractions: 6 for advertising offers of alcoholic beverages; 8 for dangerous practices (going from a window or from a balcony to another, etc.); 3 for advertising and marketing of party boats; 2 for picking up or returning party boat customers, and 4 for not reporting the specific prohibitions of the Decree Law by the establishments.

Likewise, she explained that the perception of the entire sector is that the situation has greatly improved, thanks to the work carried out by the Calvià Local Police and the Activities Commission, and by the important collaboration of the Civil Guard, which this season has increased their forces and their reinforcements presence time.

On the other hand, the mayor has explained the projects that are underway to improve Calvià's resorts.

He recalled the 4 million euros from Next Generation Funds (which will be complemented by own contributions, ITS funds and funds from the Thomas Cook programme) to finance the improvement of the Magaluf coastline promenade, whose works are expected to begin in November 2023, after receiving the administrative concession from the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Also to obtain European funds, the project for the coastal promenade of the Peguera, Palmira and Torà beaches, and the renaturalisation of Torà pinewood and torrent, have been submitted to the 2022 call, which has not yet been awarded. A project for the comprehensive rehabilitation of the Galatzó Houses has also been submitted to other European fund calls.

On the other hand, he recalled that, thanks to the funds from the Sustainable Tourism Tax, the Galatzó refuge was inaugurated in November, which is part of the Xarxa de Refugis of the Consell de Mallorca, and that next spring the Puig de sa Morisca Archaeological Museum, which has also been carried out with ITS funds, can open its doors.

Linked to this project, he explained that a project for the adaptation of the entire area of the Museum has been presented to the official tourist bed bank managed by the Consell de Mallorca, as well as a project for the comprehensive reform of the Peguera boulevard.

Financing of 1.8 million euros has also been obtained for the comprehensive reform of Avenida Jaume I in Santa Ponça, financed in equal parts by the Ministry of Tourism, the Regional Government and the Town Hall. And finally, 3.4 million euros of ITS funds have been granted for the recycled water distribution network of the Santa Ponça Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Regarding the Red.es Smart Calvià project, already awarded, Pascuet explained that those projects helping obtain data on the tourist activity of the municipality thus allowing to make decisions based on the data obtained will be launched. Amongst the actions planned are the modernisation of the Municipal Tourist Information Offices, a capacity control system at the OMITs and on the beaches; interactive information panels, the installation of smart buoys and weather stations, and the start-up of a smart platform within the framework of Smart Mallorca of the Consell de Mallorca.

On behalf of the municipal government team, the deputy mayor for Participation, Marga Plomer, and the councillor for Commerce, Activities and Heritage, Francisca Muñoz, also attended the meeting.

The Calvià Tourism Forum

The Calvià Tourism Forum, created in 2016, is established as a space for debate, dialogue and collaboration between all the agents directly linked to the tourist activity that takes place in the municipality of Calvià. Its main functions revolve around the analysis of matters directly related to the tourist activity that takes place in the municipality of Calvià and the issuance of reports and recommendations in this regard with a merely advisory and non-binding nature.

The Forum is made up of: the mayor and councillors involved in tourism matters, the general director of Tourism of Calvià, the political groups with municipal representation in Calvià, the hotel associations of the municipality, federations and business groups (commerce, restaurants, complementary offer, leisure and services), UGT and CCOO (unions with majority representation in the municipality), amongst others.