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Projects of the Tourist Accommodation Stock


Thursday, 2nd February 2023


The municipality will co-finance these two municipal projects linked to the tourist infrastructures improvement and the deseasonalisation promotion

The Consell de Mallorca, through the Tourist Accommodation Stock Consortium (CBAT), is going ahead with the two projects presented by Calvià Town Hall linked to the improvement of tourist infrastructures and the promotion of deseasonalisation. This involves the Peguera Boulevard improvement and the conditioning of the Puig de sa Morisca Archaeological Park and Museum surroundings.

For both projects, the Consell de Mallorca contributes a total of €1,500,000 (€750,000 per project), and the rest until reaching the total estimate of around 4.3 million euros, which will be a municipal contribution.

The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, has highlighted the importance of receiving this subsidy "which has allowed Calvià to reach the maximum of the subsidy and launch two important projects that are in the same line of tourist interest but also with a social interest.

The mayor explained that the Peguera Boulevard comprehensive reform project will allow, 25 years after its construction, to improve "the backbone of the area, which will be done in consensus with the sector." Likewise, he has indicated, with regards to the Puig de sa Morisca Park project, that the 45 hectares of the park, which with the revision of the General Plan will be linked to trails in Caló d'en Pellicer and Son Ferrer, expanding internal connectivity, will allow you to enjoy the patrimonial and natural wealth around the Museum.

On her behalf, the president of the Consell de Mallorca has stated that she is "satisfied with the fact that Calvià is taking advantage of the opportunities offered by this subsidy call because it shows that it is a municipality that not only plans and is willing to invest in its areas, but also it does with improvement projects linked to a tourism strategy based on sustainability, culture and heritage, in tune with the strategy that we develop from the Consell”.


Catalina Cladera has also recalled the effort of the Consell to help town halls to carry out municipal investments through the different municipal investment plans. "The 21 million from the Tourist Accommodation Stock that we allocate to the municipalities is one of the plans with which we reinforce the town halls, to which we will have allocated up to 150 million euros this legislature" she pointed out.

Peguera Boulevard improvement and embellishment

The project is included in the line of reform of urban spaces and consists of improving the 1.3 km of the Peguera Boulevard, both pavement and other elements, and the budget amounts to about 2.7 million euros, of which €750,000 are a contribution from the CBAT and about 2 million will be a municipal contribution.

The Boulevard is the main axis of the Peguera tourist area for pedestrian and road traffic, with time restrictions. In 1998 the Boulevard project was implemented, and now what is proposed is the renovation of the entire section.

The improvement works will consist mainly of the replacement of the paving of the sidewalks and the road; the renewal of lamp posts, which will improve light output, while reducing light pollution; the renovation and improvement of the irrigation system with reclaimed water and the implementation of remote management.

All these actions will improve the quality of the pavement, which has been badly damaged by the passage of time, the lamp posts, the surroundings, the environment and the quality of the main tourist hub of Peguera.

Conditioning and landscape adaptation of the Puig de sa Morisca Archaeologist Park and Museum

The proposal of this project arises for, once the works of the Archaeological Museum have been carried out, with funds from the Sustainable Tourism Tax, carrying out a landscape adaptation of the Archaeological Park to allow the complete enjoyment, not only of the Museum with its information and contents, but also of the entire park with the plurality of sites and elements that exist within it.

The budget to carry out this second project is around 1.6 million euros, of which €750,000 will be contributed by the Consell de Mallorca through the Tourist Accommodation Stock Consortium, and more than €800,000 will be provided by Calvià Town Hall.

The action will consist, amongst others, in the remodeling of the Park entrance; the adaptation of the existing trails or itineraries with the creation of an accessible exterior route in which the signage can be concentrated with the pedagogical or explanatory contents of the archaeological zone, and other actions such as the digitisation of information for capacity control, etc.

Statements by the mayor   Statements by the president of the Consell de Mallorca