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Senior Citizens Home, Calvia

Dignity, respect and independent living These are the three pillars supporting the project Llar de Calvia: a comprehensive initiative for the senior citizens of our town thinking of their rights and quality of life. We want our older neighbours to receive the most attention and care within their environment, respecting their roots and sharing their experience of community life.

How does Llar de Calvià work? We are organised through four activity points:

  • The Llar: the home, the house. A residential project for elderly neighbours who need full assistance, so they can live with all their needs met without leaving their village or their roots.
  • The Day Centre: where we accompany seniors during working hours with a programme full of services and activities.
  • Centres for the Elderly: to learn, to get together, to talk, to dance ... leisure activities and free time for seniors.
  • Urban gardens: a leisure initiative for senior citizens to enjoy the outdoors, grow their own vegetables and share their knowledge with their neighbours.

Person Centered Care Our team follows the philosophy of person-centered care: listening to their needs and opinions, with respect for their personality and learning from their experience. To get the best care to every senior neighbour of Calvià and respect their needs and desires, we coordinate all our services and design with the person the itinerary that best fits their scheme of life.
For us, care responds to their abilities and desires, not their needs. We believe in people caring for each other, in respecting life projects, in sharing decision-making and especially in the dignity of people and the respect for their rights. We also believe in the value of the elderly person in his or her environment, in their community and sharing their experience with other neighbours.
Calvià Llar is an initiative of the Town Hall in the form of a direct management public company.

Address: Llar de Majors de Calvià, Pl. Nova , 1. 07184, Calvià village. Tel.: 971 67 03 03 Fax: 971 67 06 71 More information: www.llardecalvia.com