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Logotipo Ayuntamiento de Calvia
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Calvia participates

Calvia participates: the citizens in the development of the municipality.

What is a Citizen Participation Department? At the participation department we work to connect the Town Hall with the people of Calvià. We are the team that makes easier the active participation of the citizens for taking municipal decisions and the development of the municipality, we give support to the associations and we promote the citizen participation, we are responsible of creating spots and communication channels between the citizens and the Town Hall.

 How can we help you? We collaborate with your association in your activities throughout the year; We seek and create new mechanisms to make citizen dealing with the Town Hall; We carry out inquiries and public participation, so your opinion is taken into account; We help you to apply for municipal aid and grants for your association or group; We maintain the participation computer of the Town Hall where the associations can have their own spot.

What do we want to do? We want Calvia to be a municipality built between all of us, counting always with your opinion, with your knowledge and ideas. So, in addition to consolidating the activity we were already doing in the area, in the  Citizen Participation Department we want all citizens of Calvià to take part in the Town Hall administrative processes.

How are we going to do it? 

  • Listening to your ideas: with a new electronic platform for direct participation: PARTICIPA CALVIA
  • Sharing our resources: we shall articulate a participatory system of financing public utility activities that are carried out by the associations.
  • Making a more active town with your association: we will continue the schedule of popular events and delve into cultural activities and healthy leisure.
  • Learning with you: will hold meetings with groups across the state to deepen collaborative culture practices and horizontal participation.
  • Looking after the premises: We will refurbish all premises managed by the area that may need it.
  • Offering volunteer opportunities and scholarships through our municipal programme.