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Logotipo Ayuntamiento de Calvia
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Festival Es Generador

The first Festival of Es Generador took place on 16 October 2004. The aim that we set hundefinedas been
fulfilled: to create a network of young people, capable of carrying out the organization, execution and evaluation of the Festival Es Generador; we refer to the ASSESSING BOARD, a working tool that concentrated on the requests of the young people, their ideas and their worries.

The Assessing Board was formed by a group of young people from the world of graffitti, of music, of funky, of skaters and of rollers.

  • Graffittis: Javier García, Adrian Rubio and Esteban Ruiz
  • Skaters: Andrés Moral, Tomás Guirado and Miguel Bustos
  • Rollers: Daniel Astori and Xavier Múñoz
  • Funky: Yasmela Méndez, Yasmina Solana, Sara González and Ali García
  • Música: Israel Molina

Design of the image of the Festival: Víctor Martorell

So, during the whole day, the Festival Es Generador carried out a whole series of activities:



Individual module:

  • 1st classified: Adrián Rubio Milán
  • 2nd classified: Luka Goyarrola López

Group module:

  • 1st classified: Dispersos
  • 2nd classified: Los tres zagalillos


Junior module

  • 1st classified: Adrián Santos Marín
  • 2nd classified: Juan Manuel Clement González
  • 3rd classified: Luis Homar Armengol

Senior Module

  • 1st classified: Andrés Moral Fuentes
  • 2nd classified: Miki
  • 3rd classified: Miguel Ángel Urbina Pons


Junior Module

  • 1st classified: Max Jubin Cole
  • 2nd classified: Jhonnier Gómez
  • 3rd classified: Veni Mateu Sastre 

 Senior Module

  • 1st classified: José González Ferrer
  • 2nd classified: Carrie
  • 3rd classified: Ruso


  • 1st classified: Shock Down
  • 2nd classified: Cocktail Funk
  • 3rd classified: Eclipse 


  • Young People for Calvià
  • Youth Club Ses Gambes
  • Young People´s Association  La Canya
  • Youth Club  Nuestra Senyora del Toro
  • Consell of the Balearic Islands for young people 
  • Association for the Handicapped of Calvià
  • Association against Anorexia and  Bulimia
  • Project Youth
  • Association for the fight against Aids in the Balearic Islands
  • Voluntaries without borders


  • DJs
  • Spinning
  • Tunning
  • Guitar and percussion
  • Capoira
  • Sa Batucada
  • Corrective Funkalo
  • Bikeage
  • Acme CO
  • Wonderbrass
  • Talegueros

For more information  

You only have to go to one of the services of XIC and contact us in the way that's best for you, either personally, by telephone or by e-mail.