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Local Security Board Meeting


Wednesday 27th September 2017



They have agreed on assessing the drop of robberies with violence and the need to work jointly on minors and prostitution rings


At the meeting of the Local Security Board held this morning at Calvià Town Hall it has been concluded that the coordination between the Local Police and the Civil Guard has resulted in greater effectiveness resulting in a 22% decrease in serious crimes against people and twice the number of arrests during this tourist season and compared to the summer of 2016. However, there has also been agreement on the concern about the increase of minors of Palma that come to Magaluf attracted by the offers of alcohol and by the organised rings that exploit women to prostitute them during the high season. In this sense, monographic meetings will be organised to join forces and work together to deal with these situations.

The Local Security Board has counted on the participation of the mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez; the Government delegate in the Balearic Islands, Maria Salom; the general director of emergencies of the Balearic Government, Pere Perelló; the deputy mayor, Andreu Serra; the colonel chief of the Civil Guard in the Balearic Islands, Jaume Barceló; and the Local Police chief, Justino Trenas; along with other commanders of the security forces.

Both the Local Police of Calvià and the Civil Guard have shown their willingness to resolve the problems generated in Punta Ballena during the months of greater tourist occupation through increasing the collaboration. Both security forces are going to increase the coordination in a formal way according to the good results and will start from next month the preparations to attend the tourist season of the next year. The Initiative of the coordination centre in events, such as La Nit de Sant Joan, have been positive so it is going to progress in this type of participation.

It should be recalled that in August, the Calvià Town Hall closed six establishments located in Punta Ballena that were mainly dedicated to the exploitation of women who were forced into prostitution under the protection of bar or coffee-concert licences. In addition, the modification of the Ordinance of external aesthetics has also served to curb the tourism of excesses and drunkenness.

The Calvià consistory works with the will to reduce to the maximum the ethyl tourism. For this reason, it reiterates the need for the Government to take measures such as the regulation of the all- inclusive in hotels, to exclude alcohol, or prohibit in leisure venues offers such as "two for one", "happy hours "or free drinks, through the modification of the health legislation, in line with the restriction of tobacco consumption.