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Process to stabilise local police posts

 Monday 18th December 2017


The Mayor has signed the assignment in favour of the EBAP, which will be the body organising the selection process of Calvià, Palma, Bunyola, Artà and Capdepera

The extraordinary process to give stability to 51 local police posts in Calvià was started this morning, with the assignment signed by the mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal and the director of the Escola Balear d'Administració Pública (EBAP), Jaime Tovar, with the presence of the Regional Minister for Public Adminstrations and Treasury, Catalina Cladera, and the Deputy Mayor for Security, Andreu Serra.

The Regional Government, through the EBAP, will organise the selective process for the 162 civil servant posts to equip the Local Police forces of Calvià, Palma, Bunyola, Artà and Capdepera, of which 51 correspond to Calvià.

This procedure will help to convert these jobs that are now endowed and occupied on an interim basis into fixed career posts.

In spite of being a municipal competence, the Law 4/2013 on the coordination of the local police of the Balearic Islands assigns to the Regional Government the power in matters of training, selection, promotion and mobility of Local Police personnel, in addition to foreseeing the figure of the management entrustment in favour of the autonomous community for the call for coordinated selective processes.

The management entrustment empowers the EBAP to approve and publish the respective terms and conditions, previously agreed with each of the five municipalities; the organisation of the entire selection process, from the reception and management of the applicants documentation, the resolution of conflicts and the publication of definitive lists; the establishment of the qualifying courts; the organisation of the tests as well as their correction; and the notification of the destinations of those applicants who have successfully completed the process.

The five municipalities, on their part, have already approved the Public Occupation Offer, both those of the previous years and the extraordinary process motivated by the Decree Law 1/2017 of the Government, which enables a period of three years to carry out regularisation procedures of the Local Police workforce in the Balearic Islands holding temporary  occupied positions, with the intention of reducing this hiring system, and replacing these positions by fixed positions.

The town halls will have to collaborate with the content development of the knowledge test of the municipality and the respective ordinances of each locality. In the same way the town halls will have to name the aspirants who manage to pass the tests, and evaluate them during the corresponding compulsory internship period, which will be prior to the final appointment.