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Development for the season


Monday 8th April 2019


Several municipal departments are preparing the beach areas for the start of the tourist season, with specific actions and novelties with regards to previous years. On their behalf, the local police of Calvià has been carrying out some actions regarding activities linked to the excesses tourism against which the Calvià Town Hall has adopted a series of measures in recent years. In addition, in the field of security, urban lighting has been improved in certain specific areas requested by traders and neighbours.

The main novelties are as follows:

Novelties on Calvià beaches

As of 1st May, all the beaches of the municipality with concession will have 100% of the activities underway, although the main ones have already started, from 1st April, to set up some services progressively.

One of this year's novelties has to do with the accessibility improvement on beaches. The installing of five shaded areas for people with reduced mobility is planned, adapted showers have been installed and the accompanying service for people with reduced mobility is introduced at the Son Maties beach, and 8 new chairs will be provided for people with different disabilities.

The 'Cigarette Butts' programme is launched this season to prevent cigarettes from ending up in the sand. One of the initiatives that will be carried out will be the installation, on the beaches of Santa Ponça, es Carregador (Palmanova) and Torà (Peguera), of a stand to put drink cans to collect the butts. These cans will carry a label with the project's instructions that, in addition, will have an educational aspect since the cooperation of the schools in the area will be sought.

In the cleaning field, recycling containers are also installed on all the beaches of the municipality that will be placed mainly at the entrance of each beach.

On the other hand, improvements have been made in the beaches' furniture (aid stations, watchtowers, toilets, ...) with exterior painting and repairs, as well as the elimination of concrete areas of certain beaches.

In the water area, with the objective of increasing the protection of the posidonia meadows found within the bathing areas, the "muerto" type anchorages will be replaced with ecological moorings and beacons will be revised.

Cleaning the Magaluf culvert and replacing the plates

Calvià 2000 began last week the cleaning of the central culvert of Magaluf beach with the objective of removing the accumulation of dead seaweed and other organic waste, contributed by the waves, which obstruct the natural water flow, thus causing odors.

The works to clean these constructions for the surface water drainage, consisting of great-length and very low-height channels, are complex and must be carried out by qualified personnel, both on the surface and in the covered sections. First, it was necessary to remove the large slabs that cover the culvert in the section that goes from the promenade to the jetty and remove the accumulated seaweed in that space. At the same time, personnel of a company specialising in underwater maintenance and works, is responsible for cleaning the covered areas, with autonomous breathing equipment and special tools.

These works are expected to end this week. The cleanings of the beach culverts, that are carried out yearly, must be done in a period near the season, since the bad weather contributes seaweed and other residues periodically.

Once Calvià 2000 finishes the cleaning, the Town Hall will remove the slabs covered by the culvert-in the sand section-and will replace them with tramex, a grid that will allow, on the one hand, to not accumulate bad odors and, on the other hand, that cleaning can be done more easily without the need of divers.

8 Magaluf establishments face fines of 1,500 euros for promoting alcohol consumption

Calvià Local Police officers have tracked the Internet in search of offers that announce the organisation of pub crawlings, boat parties and kiss pool parties -amongst other formulas- and that have as a hook the offer of alcohol at cheap prices. By means of the web pages investigation, the intention is to avoid the commercialisation of packages in which a promotion of alcohol consumption is made, since it goes against the Coexistence Ordinance. According to article 39.6 a fine of between 600 and 1,500 euros is due for anyone who violates the regulations that prohibits the dissemination of advertising messages by any means in the establishments and activities -or in relation to them-, and that have amongst their purposes to facilitate or promote the consumption of alcoholic beverages ("free bar", "happy hour", "2 x 1", "3 x 1", or other similar messages).

The investigation has resulted in the identification of 8 Magaluf establishments linked to a website in which up to "20 hours of unlimited free drinks" have been publicised. Following the local police investigation, sanction proceedings have been opened to these premises for a continued violation, so they face penalties of up to 1,500 euros each (12,000 euros in total).