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Agreement with Treball Solidari


Calvià 6th June 2019


The Calvià Town Hall contributes 33,950 euros through an agreement that has been signed today with the entity

The acting mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, and the director of the Treball Solidari Association, Antoni Sierra, have signed a collaboration agreement that, one more year, will allow women from the municipality of Calvià in a situation of social and / or financial exclusion to access the microcredit programme for self-employment carried out by the social entity. The Town Hall contributes 33,950 euros for the development of this programme in the municipality.

The purpose of this agreement is the implementation by Treball Solidari, in collaboration with the Town Hall's Social Services Department and the IFOC (Employment and Training Institute of Calvià), of a programme to provide technical and financial support to self-employment and support the creation and strengthening of small businesses, and income generating activities. The aim is to help women who have started small business initiatives or those who are willing to do so and need technical support and funding to carry out the self-employment activity.

The programme is aimed at women residents and registered in Calvià and who live in a situation of social and / or financial exclusion. These women beneficiaries, who will receive small loans that they will return monthly, will arise from a selection process in which the technicians of Treball Solidari and Social Services Department and the IFOC will participate in coordination. Women beneficiaries will be selected with the following criteria and priorities: unemployment situation, lone-mother families, immigrant women with authorisation to work in Spain, women over 50 years of age with long-term unemployment and young people with difficulties to entering in the labour market.

In the last year, 14 microcredits have been granted for a total of 21,500 euros, and 21 women are currently in the programme.

The acting deputy mayor of Social Cohesion and Equality, Nati Francés; the general director of Social Development and Equity, Ana Pérez, and the technical coordinator of the Treball Solidari 'Confia' Programme, Mónica Ferrà, also attended the signing of the agreement.