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Calvią Town Hall announcement


Thursday 23rd January 2020

Calvià Town Hall announcement

Calvià Town Hall does not use the so-called "parental pin" as a political party with representation in the municipality states in social media.

Calvià Town Hall regrets the use that is being carried out of a questionnaire jointly drawn up by the Town Hall and the University of the Balearic Islands to collect anonymous data of the centres' students to carry out a study on the perception of children and youth of Calvià regarding affective-sexual education.

The Town Hall recalls that to carry out the questionnaire, authorisation is requested from families as it is done with any activity carried out in an educational centre that has not been envisaged in the centre's annual plan. Nothing to do with the so-called "parental pin" that involves a veto to the realisation of an activity that is part of the school curriculum previously approved by the centre.

The Town Hall refers to the seriousness of what is proposed with the so-called "parental pin" that would mean, for example, that in the schools of Calvià the talks conducted by the RANA Foundation (Abused Minors Aid Network) to prevent sexual abuse of minors could be banned.

Therefore, the Town Hall will not consent confusion to be created by disseminating uncertain information about a particular action.