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Peguera temporary mobile MOT station information


Friday 7th August 2020


The entrance and exit access will be from the highway, through the Camp de Mar roundabout

Calvià will have, in a few months, a temporary mobile Technical Vehicle Inspection Station (MOT), which will be active for 10 months and will not entail a cost for the municipal coffers.

The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, has signed along with the Consell de Mallorca the agreement for the transfer of some land in Peguera, where the mobile MOT station will be installed, in an act with the president of the Consell de Mallorca, Catalina Cladera, which was also attended by the Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning, Commerce and Activities, Marc López, and the Island Councillor for Mobility and Infrastructure, Iván Sevillano.

Alfonso Rodríguez Badal explained that the land being transferred, located in Peguera, is intended for public parking, as a result of a specific modification of the Land-Use Planning approved in 2014, as a result of an increase in urban use, by the construction of a shopping centre. The car park originally envisaged the construction of a petrol station, which was later discarded.

In addition, he stated that the entrance and exit access to the area will take place from the highway through the Camp de Mar roundabout, so there will not be an increased flow of vehicles inside Peguera. He highlighted that the provisional MOT station will only inspect cars, not heavy vehicles.

The mayor of Calvià said that this action ensures the general interest and also the needs of Calvià residents who have been demanding a closer MOT station for years, and that it will be a reality since in parallel the works continue on the Son Bugadelles permanent MOT station.

The car park works are expected to begin shortly, since the license is already approved, with a work execution period of three months, so that the Consell will later install the 4 mobile MOT lines.