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PQI training of new opportunities for young people


Wednesday 18th November 2020


The IFOC provides courses that promote new opportunities to young people who have left their studies prematurely

20 young people, between 16 and 21 years old, who have not completed their obligatory secondary studies, are receiving training at the Calvià Training and Employment Institute (IFOC) centre in Son Ferrer, within the framework of the Initial qualification Projects (PQI) that aim to train young people who have left the education system prematurely so that they can continue their studies or give them tools to learn a trade for their insertion into the labour market.

The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, visited the centre's facilities this morning and had the opportunity to listen to the students who are following these courses, and encouraged them to continue training throughout their lives, and to take advantage of this opportunity they have to study and acquire job skills in what they like. The Deputy Mayor for Education and Training, Olga Granados, and the IFOC manager, Darío Espallargas, also attended the visit.

Two specialties are offered in Calvià, via professionalism certificates: a PQI for vehicle electromechanical maintenance assistant, which began in 1994, and another for Hairdressing Assistant that has a 3-year career. With this training they obtain the first level of Education for Adults and Professionalism Certificate level 1.

Calvià, through the IFOC, offers these activities that are subsidised by the Regional Ministry for Education and University and that allow combining pre-employment training with formal academic training measures. Thus, during a school year the students, in addition to obtaining general training, acquire job skills in a specific profession, which is complemented by the final internship in a company.