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COVID vaccine without prior appointment in Calvią


Monday 29th November 2021

The Vacubús is installed at the Mercadona supermarket in Son Caliu until Saturday

The vehicle will be located from tomorrow until Saturday 4th at the supermarket car park access

The Vacubús arrives tomorrow at the Mercadona supermarket in Son Caliu to administer vaccines against COVID-19. The vehicle will be installed in the car park and will be operational from tomorrow until Saturday 4th, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., for everyone willing to be vaccinated without prior appointment. The bus will have a nurse and an auxiliary nursing care technician from Primary Care of Mallorca and a service assistant from GSAIB.

The Vacubús arrives at the shopping centre after having been at the Palma bus station, in Inca - during the Dijous Bo week - and at the Fan Mallorca shopping centre. The results have been excellent, with a balance of 1.062 people who have received the first dose against COVID 19 in the days in which the vehicle has been installed in the different locations. Specifically, 402 people have been vaccinated at the bus station, 104 in Inca and 556 in Fan Mallorca.

The objective of the Health Department is to increase the percentage of the vaccinated population and make available to citizens all the facilities to receive the vaccine. It is one more measure to advance vaccination, in line with other actions carried out, such as vaccination at the UIB or the vaccination campaign for the foreign population residing in the Balearic Islands. Currently, the vaccination rate in the Balearic Islands has reached 83% of the population with the two doses.