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Strategic Plan for Ageing

Strategic Plan on Ageing and Demographic Change

Elder people participative meeting may 2022Demographic change is a global reality. Calvià is also in the process of change, of ageing. In 1998 the population over 65 years of age in Calvià represented 7.75% while in 2022 it represents 16.5%, more than double.

At a local level, Calvià is already preparing to respond to this important challenge. That of assuming that our population is growing and, with this, that the needs of the population are changing. For that reason, Calvià Town Council has prepared a strategic tool with the participation of older people in Calvià: the Strategic Plan for Ageing and Demographic Change of Calvià 2022 - 2025.

The Plan, initially approved in the municipal plenary session in November 2022, has three axes and 66 actions to be carried out until 2025. A first axis to claim the right to ageing in Calvià and the use of the physical environment; a second axis on active ageing, focused on community participation and social inclusion of the elderly and, the third and last one, the review of municipal public services to offer support and comprehensive care at this stage of life.

Thus, Calvià proposes, among other things, to achieve the recognition of the World Health Organisation as a municipality friendly to the elderly, to continue with the improvements in accessibility and to promote healthy paths and parks. In addition, it is planned to give an extra boost to active ageing policies: strengthening participation, intergenerational activities and volunteering among the elderly.

You can find here the document of the Strategic Plan for Ageing and Demographic Change of Calvià 2022 - 2025. Only available in Spanish or Catalan.