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Application for residents card to park in a blue zone

Request residents card to park vehicles in the blue zone

It is initiated by presenting the relevant documents in the Citizen's Attention Service.

handling costs:

Documents to present:

1. The applicant must be registered as resident in the blue zone.

2.- Only one disc per vehicle owner will be granted.


Discs may be issued in the event that the applicants spouse or has a family relationship of first grade registered as residing at the same address and titleholder as the driving licence (case of 2 or more cars in the name of the same person).

3. The vehicle must be registered and up to date with the payment of the municipal tax on vehicles of mechanical traction.

Documents to be presented:

- General request duly completed.

- Technical card of the vehicle

- Vehicle circultion permit (The vehicle must be registered at the address in Calvia of the interested party).

- ID

- Driving licence of spouse or first-grade relations in the event of the exemption stated in the requirement number 2.