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Trade Vouchers can now be purchased


Monday 22nd November 2021

How to acquire the Trade VOUCHERS

Participating in the second edition of the discount voucher campaign in Calvià shops is very easy. There are just a few simple steps to follow.
The vouchers may be purchased by residents of the municipality, over 16 years of age. 12.500 vouchers are made available for a value of 20 euros each. The client will only have to pay 10 euros, while the other 10 will be provided by the Town Hall for which makes an investment of 125.000 euros.

To buy vouchers, you will have to access a very simple platform, which can also be accessed via mobile phone. The platform's address is: comerç.calvia.com or comercio.calvia.com. On this website you can check all the establishments adhering to the vouchers campaign. Vouchers can be purchased as from 22nd November to 28th February and can be redeemed in stores until 15th March.

How to get the voucher?

People interested in acquiring discounts in shops just have to follow this simple guide for buying and using the vouchers:
1st Access to comercio.calvia.com and click on "Comprar bono"
2nd Click on ¡Consigue tu bono! and follow the steps. You will have to fill in the two required data in detail
3rd Pay the voucher. In this step you will be redirected to the bank's Redsys platform
4th Once this step has been carried out, you will see a confirmation that the operation has been carried out correctly, or if not, a warning will appear.

5th If the payment has been made correctly, you will receive an email with the information related to your voucher, you will also be able to see it from the application, and even download it in PDF. The most important part is the QR code.
If after half an hour you have not received any email, check the SPAM folder, in case you still do not have access to your voucher contact comercio@calvia.com
6th With this QR code, you can now go to a business that is part of the initiative, you will be able to see the list of businesses on comercio.calvia.com. You can take the voucher with your QR code on paper or saved on your mobile.
7th You must make a purchase of a minimum of 20€, and when paying you must show your QR code to the establishment, it will scan your QR code with a mobile phone enabled to this end and will have to validate it for the discount to be effective.
During the first week, vouchers can be redeemed 24 hours after the voucher's purchase.

Campaign novelties
As last year, businesses and service establishments such as hairdressers or beauty centres may join the vouchers campaign. But in this edition, in addition, the catering sector (restaurants, bars and cafes) and the optician shops may join, where discount vouchers can also be redeemed.
Another novelty that is incorporated this year is that up to 4 vouchers per person can be purchased.

Forms of participation by businesses
If you have a business establishment and want to join the campaign, you can do it in different ways:
By contacting your area's councillor or facilitator.
Through the email comercio@calvia.com
Calling the Town Hall's Commerce service: 971 139 100

Calvià Town Hall's commitments
The Town Hall acquires a series of commitments with the establishments that participate in this new discount voucher campaign:

Pay the vouchers to the establishments in a maximum period of 20 days
Maintain direct and rapid communication to resolve doubts or incidents with the residents and businesses.

Image and promotion
For the promotion of the campaign, paper bags and reusable bags with the image of Abona't a Calvià will be distributed in the adhered establishments. Likewise, banners will be placed throughout the municipality, informative flyers will be published, and an advertising campaign will be carried out through banners, the media and social media.

A successful campaign
Calvià Town Hall launches, for the second consecutive year, the discount voucher campaign with the aim of boosting local business activity and encouraging domestic consumption, with the slogan Abona't a Calvià.

With the positive response received last year, with an economic impact for businesses of around 250.000 euros, it is expected that new establishments will join this initiative.
The voucher campaign was already launched in 2020 in Calvià in response to the situation caused by the pandemic, as one more measure to reactivate the municipality's economy.